5 Easy Ways to Make the Best of That Long Commute

Let’s face it, a long commute can really take a lot out of you, before and after work. But add public transportation to the mix, and it can be a miserable time. But don’t let the cramped space and limited seating get you down. These simple, yet effective, hacks will help keep you occupied during your next commute.  

1. Try Listening to an Audiobook in Your Commute


Don’t feel like bringing along a book to read? Audio books are your friend! With your fast-paced lifestyle, how much do you long to catch up on your reading? I always have a long list of books that I would love to be able to find the time to read. Yet, actually scheduling time to do that is difficult.

You can use your long commute as an excuse to read that bestselling novel you’ve been anxious to dive into! There are many resources for purchasing a plethora of audio books. Additionally, libraries often have the option to check out audiobooks online. Grab your headphones and your phone and you’ll be finishing up that book list in no time!

2. Get Caught Up With the News While You’re at it

Personal organization is finally possible! Being stuck on a train or bus is just an opportunity to get your schedule in order. Bring your planner and a pencil or pen and jot down all those things you’ve been meaning to write. Schedule your appointment, make your to-do lists, meal plan for the week. The possibilities are endless.

You can also use this time to send out your e-mails or respond to the ones that have been sitting in your inbox far too long. Your commute can be an ideal time to get organized and be productive! Working hard as you head toward home and when you get home you can finally relax!


3. Find an Interesting Podcast to Keep You Entertained

Podcasts make a long commute a teachable moment. By subscribing to podcasts, you can stay on top of whatever subjects are of interest to you. Trying to stay on top of politics? There is a podcast for that! Hoping to be well informed about current events? There’s one for that, too! The possibilities are endless.

Your frustrating commute home can actually be a great learning experience. Remember- headphones are key. This will allow you to focus on what you’re hearing without sharing it with the people around you.

4. Listen to Music You Love and Music New to You


Create a fun playlist that makes you feel upbeat and energetic. You will find yourself enjoying your long commute instead of dreading it. You can change up your playlists or just stick with your favorites. Music is good for the soul. You may enjoy the tunes in your headphones so much that you forget where you’re at and start dancing along!

5. Silence, Meditation or Prayer Are Other Ways to Use Your Commute Time

You commute a long way to work. You take care of your responsibilities at your place of employment. Then, you likely come home to a whole separate set of responsibilities. Life is fast paced and sometimes difficult. You can find peace in the chaos of your life by using your commute time for self-reflection and peace.

Maybe you will find prayer or meditation most helpful for you. Perhaps sitting in silence and thinking through the important things on your mind will work better. There is even a chance that what may help you re-charge is just taking the time to not think about anything. You can use noise-cancelling headphone and play soothing white noise like falling rain or crashing waves.

By using your commute as the opportunity to have some quality time with yourself, you can be a happier, better version of yourself.

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